We had awesome time playing music for everybody, looking forward to the next one!

Posted by Fearless Fingers Music Lessons on Wednesday, August 5, 2015
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Don't miss this next Fam Jam!! It's going to be full of surprises!!! Hope to see you there!

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What are "fearless fingers"?

       Simply put, having "fearless fingers" means having the ability to fully express yourself on your chosen instrument without the fear of playing wrong notes, playing out of time etc.  For some, that could be nailing those pesky bar chords, strumming nursery songs for your children, being able to confidently accompany yourself, playing some classic Beatles tunes for fun or ripping blistering blues/rock licks ala Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

How do I get "fearless fingers"?

        If you truly have a desire to play an instrument you will develop "fearless fingers" through practice and the joy of playing. But it doesn’t hurt to study with an instructor that has been where your are now. Through my years as a student and a teacher, as well as playing in countless bands over the years, I feel I have developed a style of teaching that will help you achieve "fearless fingers" at an accelerated rate. I hope I can be the teacher that leads you on the right path and thanks for visiting my page!

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"Jeff is a talented musician and a patient teacher. When we first started, he listened to my request to learn a few songs - complete songs, not just partial songs - while at the same time he incorporated music theory and blues scales into the lesson plan. He is a very thoughtful instructor and keeps things interesting by introducing something fun at every lesson. Thanks to Jeff, I am developing a "play list" of songs that I can now play with my family and friends. He's even started me "jamming" or improvising, by having us switch between playing chords and lead on a 12 bar blues scale. After many years of playing only parts of songs, I am finally learning how to really play the guitar." MARK R. (Walnut Creek)

Music Inspires Learning

Did you know that music stimulates a child's brain and sparks listening, language, and creativity.

Research has proven that kids who play an instrument tend to excel academically, even scoring higher on standardized tests!

Lessons offered

Acoustic guitar

Electric guitar



Bass guitar

Click on a instrument to find out what you'll learn!


Meet the instructor

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Hello my name is Jeff "Fearless Fingers" Eyman I am the owner and instructor at Fearless Fingers Music Lessons! If you're looking to get a new prespective on your instrument or if you're a beginner, let Fearless Music Studios help you achieve your goals and have fun in the process!


Lessons are taught on a weekly basis.

Half hour personal lesson $30

One hour personal lesson $60

Two students for half hour lesson $45

Two students for one hour lesson $90

For lessons done on a biweekly basis add $5 per lesson.

Lessons are paid on a monthly basis. 


Gift certificates are available!!

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Music lessons make a GREAT gift!!



The Fearless Fingers lesson studio is located on the 2nd floor, Topaz Plaza. Suite 220, 2800 Pleasant Hill Rd, Pleasant Hill CA 94523. There is plenty of parking spaces available. Also across the street is the Virginia Hills the shopping center with shops such as Starbucks, Safeway and CVS. The lesson room is clean and well lit.
Stop by and say "HI" and be sure to ask for "Fearless Fingers Jeff"! 


It's important for students to feel comfortable with the instructor, so to set up a meeting or for more info:

Please call or text Jeff  "Fearless Fingers" at (925)-300-6668



Recital info

I offer all my students the opportunity to perform the songs they learned at their lessons at public recitals. The recitals, or as I like to call them, "Fam Jams" are held at local family friendly establishments. Thanks to all the students and family members that participate in these fun events!